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By Invitation Only. The ALTO Programme 2024 is an eight week laparoscopic training programme for gynaecologists which includes eight zoom based online tutorials and training in laparoscopic suturing techniques. You will be given the ALTO Blade 2 / Cube 2 or the Dome 2 laparoscopic box trainer set (worth over £700) completely free of charge and this high fidelity portable trainer includes 10 training exercise modules, a laparoscopic needle holder, a Maryland grasper and a laparoscopic scissors and sutures. It can be used with portable devices such as a smart phone or with a USB camera which is included as well.

The ALTO 8 week Programme and ANY Laparoscopic Box Trainer Package

  • Please note that the laparoscopic needle holder, scissors, Johan’s and a laparoscopic Maryland's are all included in this price and you DO NOT have to purchase this separately.

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