Applications to attend

20 February 2012 - Camden Town Hall

Details and a formal invitation to the ‘Towards Smarter Vehicle Acquisition’ event at Camden Town Hall on 20th February.  It will help you make the decision to collaborate in the acquisition process and hear from others who are already fully committed.  The invitation has also gone to procurement officers and will be sent to the Treasurers and Chief Executives through the SLT and CELC networks respectively.  Here’s the main objectives for the morning:

  • Update London local authorities on the successes with e-auctions for this category and progress with the London Commercial Fleet Project over the last year

• Set out plans for collaborative e-auctions in 2012 and beyond for commercial vans, minibuses, refuse freighters and mini-competitions for accessible buses

• Generate discussion and input on the London collaborative e-auction plans for passenger transport routes for Special Educational Needs children, and disabled and vulnerable adults

• Launch the following core products:

core specifications for refuse compaction vehicles and accessible minibuses and coaches

the new pan-London commercial fleet planning tool

the new Association of London Transport Officers (ALTO) website

• Help representatives to register and get accelerated access to new resources now available

 Details of the agenda and how to register are included in the invitation.  I do hope that you or a colleague will be able to attend, as there will be some significant announcements including the launch of the new collaborative cloud-based fleet planning tool which you will soon be able to access at no direct cost.