ALTO and the Environment

ALTO has been been at the forefront of developing new and innovative ways of improving the environment: new technology; experimenting with engine types and different fuels; best practice.

Environmental Approaches in London’s Borough Fleets

London has become a major focal point for issues surrounding the environmental impact of vehicle use.

It is important that Council’s in London contribute to minimising that impact in terms of their vehicle operations by themselves, their associate organisations and their contractors.

Across London there has been much activity in this field since the mid 1990’s. The main thrust has been the introduction of alternative fuels, however the management of Council fleets has been reviewed in many cases and such things as improved maintenance practices, driver training and revised vehicle specifications have all come together to move the process forward.

As far as alternative fuels are concerned, the Borough’s have concentrated on the main available options. These are

• Electric Traction
• Liquefied Petroleum Gas
• Compressed Natural Gas

Other improvement in the reduction of exhaust emissions have been achieved by other methods such as emission after-treatment.

Continuous Regenerating Traps and Oxydation Catalysts have become standard inclusion on heavier vehicle specifications and a variety of fuel additives have been used.

The typical Council fleet provides a cross section of all vehicle types on a variety of operations and this enables a good test opportunities for many of the products now aimed at minimising the environmental impact.

A number of London Borough fleets are introducing telematics in some of their services to enable better routing and management of their vehicle operations.