The Association of London Transport Officers

ALTO has been established for more than forty years as the forum for the senior transport officers from the Boroughs. Transport Officers from the thirty-two London Boroughs and the Corporation of London, together with the GLC and ILEA, created ALTO as a body to share experiences and problems and to pursue common aims.


Chairman’s introduction

Norman Harding

Welcome to ALTO, the network for London local authority transport officers.

Since ALTO's creation over 40 years ago, the business and political structures of councils have changed dramatically, making our industry a much more dynamic and challenging place to be. Indeed, the current financial climate is forcing all councils to take a long, hard look at the way services are provided.

However, a problem shared is a problem halved and closer collaboration between councils can help achieve significant efficiencies and improve the way we run services. Ours is a complex business, but considering the wide range of functions that work together to provide effective frontline services – logistics, fleet, engineering, legal, compliance, safety, environmental, purchasing and many more – you will undoubtedly find someone within ALTO already doing the same or similar things in their own authority.

With this in mind, participation and collaboration will be the key to our success. I would urge anyone working in transport in London authorities to participate in ALTO and collaborate with other members to share ideas, advice and projects to help you meet your objectives earlier and at lower cost.

On behalf of ALTO, I wish to thank Capital Ambition/London Councils for supporting the renewal of this website. You will find extensive resources to assist you to ensure that your operations remain at their most efficient and continue to head towards their highest quality. Please do contribute your ideas, case studies, examples of best practice etc. to the site to keep everyone up-to-date with developments.

Norman Harding

Chairman of ALTO

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